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Felix Hoffmann

Software engineer

Hello! 👋

I am passionate about web development, algorithms and data structures, and accessibility.

Developing digital champions at iteratec.

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Felix Hoffmann working on his laptop Image courtesy of Guntram Fechtig and AgentConf.


Wheel of Food-une

Animation of a brain cheering. Plays on hover or focus.

My team and I could not decide on where to eat lunch. We built a wheel of fortune to make the decision for us!

Physical wheel, magnetic sensor, Raspberry Pi, e-paper display, and a Python script that spits out restaurants.

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Employee Dashboard

Animation of a hand drawing on a blueprint. Plays on hover or focus.

A customizable dashboard that contains links to and information about iteratec's internal services.

Student project at University of Hamburg in cooperation with iteratec. Still used in production today.

Vanilla JS, OAuth2, AWS

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Sorting Algorithm Visualizer

Animation of man with a graph with broken connections as a brain. Plays on hover or focus.

Sort books by color using different algorithms.

Currently only supports bubble sort. It's a work-in-progress!

VueJS, TypeScript